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Refrigerant Compressors

GEA Refrigeration Technologies represents cooling and freezing technology closely oriented to the requirements and wishes of its customers: cost-efficient, long-life, energy-efficient, sustainable and customized. After all, we know your business and your refrigeration needs from experience of more than 100 years. This is why we offer the best solutions, and not only top products. Solutions for your processes for greater efficiency and for enhanced climate protection.

RC Series

GEA Grasso 12 series

A range of outstandingly reliable, open type, reciprocating refrigeration compressors. All designed to work efficiently in almost any type of industrial refrigeration installation for cooling or freezing applications. The GEA Grasso 12 compressors have already proven themselves all over the world for many years in terms of reliability under the most demanding circumstances and with an alert eye to economics. GEA has paid special attention to such aspects as maintenance costs and servicebility. The GEA Grasso 12 series offers you maximum reliability for modest investment and maintenance costs. The GEA Grasso 12 series is a typical example of Grasso’s unique welded steel compressor design. A design contributing to a large field of operation and lower installation cost, without the need for additional water cooling circuits.



GEA Grasso V series

With the new GEA Grasso V reciprocating compressor series, GEA is heralding the start of a completely new era for the industrial refrigeration market.
During the development of the GEA Grasso V series, GEA Grasso continually put itself in the position of the end user. Every component was assessed for the most important elements that contribute to a low Total Cost of Ownership like energy, maintenance and reliability with min. downtime. The result is not only the most effcient reciprocating compressor on the market but also a compressor with electronically controlled service intervals (extended as well as flexible) in order to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership without jeopardizing reliability. This new series replace the existing single stage series in a swept volume range from ... up to ... m³/h. Compound (two stage) compressors will become available in 2013.


Package Chiller

GEA Grasso FX P / GEA Grasso FX Pduo

The industrial standard for temperatures ranging from very cold to hot.

  • Technical features, GEA Grasso FX P
  • Technical features, GEA Grasso FX Pduo