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Whether it's water, wine, dairy, beer or fruit juice, we are always on hand with our process technology to actively support you in filling your beverages. We have decades of experience in working closely with our customers, so we have a detailed knowledge of the procedures, processes and requirements involved. To ensure we can also provide customized machines to suit your individual needs, we carefully analyze your overall process in order to define your exact requirements. You can rely on our expertise!

Soft drinks

Whetherthey are carbonated, caffeinated or flavored, carbonation that is aligned precisely to your individual requirements is a crucial element in the production of your soft drinks, along with continuous pasteurization and producing syrup in accordance with the recipe. Our process systems help you to bottle your beverages with maximum quality and hygiene. We can offer you the right solution for every challenge.

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Whether still, sparkling or flavored, our sophisticated process technology will support you when you are filling your variety of water. From reliable deaeration to precise carbonation and exact and hygienic filtration, we ensure that your products are processed precisely in accordance with your individual requirements.

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Health & Sport

When filling these fashionable beverages, the key ingredient is sophisticated process technology that regulates the perfect dosage between water and other additives, ensures microbiological sterility and fills your drinks in containers with practical sports caps, for example. We understand the challenges you face and offer you first class, user-optimized solutions through our versatile process technology.

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Juice & mixed milk (ACF)

Bottling top-quality raw materials requires sophisticated process technology across the filling process - and we are the right people to provide it. From precise heating to kill germs, to dosing the perfect mixing ratio and hygienic machine washing, we offer everything you need from a single source. We know what matters to you and we will provide you with process technology that is perfectly aligned with your requirements.

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Juice & Iced tea (hot filling)

If you need to fill popular thirst-quenchers at the highest level of quality, you need sophisticated process technology. From the gentle and foamless deaeration process to precise concentrate handling and hot filling, our innovative process technology actively supports you during each stage of the filling process. Naturally, all parameters are aligned as closely as possible to the requirements you have specified; after all, we understand the challenges you face and provide you with first-class, user-optimized solutions.

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Whatever drink you want to fill - beer, water, dairy, soft drinks, spirits, sparkling wine or wine, coffee or tea, still or with CO2, hot or cold - we will find the right solution for you. You can also use any containers you like; from glass bottles and PET to cans to kegs, we have the systems expertise to meet any requirements.

All of our lines are equipped with high-quality, technologically sophisticated single machines and process components: Whether you prefer a standardized solution or an individual solution, come and talk to us and we will be happy to help!

Sparkling Water

Our systems for filling sparkling water offer high quality results in proven KHS quality. Whether you prefer PET bottles or kegs - we will find the best solution for your requirements.
All of our lines are equipped with technologically sophisticated single machines that cover each phase of the production process: from filling, labeling, packing, and palletizing up to and including inspection and complete sanitizing. These machines are available with a wide variety of capacities to optimally meet your individual needs.

Still water

With systems from KHS for filling non-sparkling water, you can rely on first-class quality and ideal hygienic conditions combined with maximum cost and energy efficiency. Whichever container shape you prefer - we will find the best solution for your requirements.
All of our lines are equipped with technologically sophisticated single machines that cover each phase of the production process: from filling, labeling, packing, and palletizing up to and including inspection and complete sanitizing. These machines are available in a wide variety of capacities to optimally meet your individual needs.

Soft Drinks

Whatever the type of packaging you are planning for your product, at KHS we have exactly the right complete system for you, so you can not only pack your products quickly and safely, but also conserve resources. Standardized to meet conventional requirements, our technical expertise also allows us to tackle any individual challenge, as well as resolve it and implement it in your system. You no longer need to worry about correct mixing ratios, precise fill levels or adequate packaging. A complete system from KHS, tailored to meet your specific challenges, is exactly the right choice for you. It goes without saying that efficiency and saving resources, along with product quality, are the central focus of our work, including during the design phase of our systems.

Juice, Sports & Energy

Gentle technologies retain flavor, appearance, and product quality to optimally satisfy consumer demands for natural products. State-of-the-art filling processes retain not only the natural ingredients and aroma and the color as well. The consistent use of KHS system solutions eliminates the need for adding preservatives thereby accommodating the increased health consciousness of consumers.
Products, which can be processed with microbiological safety using special aseptic system solutions, range from near-water to 100% pure juice products and of course also include iced teas and convenience drinks.


Filling (ESL) milk, and mixed milk and yogurt beverages requires ideal aseptic and hygienic conditions. At the same time, it is also a matter of retaining the quality of highly sensitive products to the greatest possible extent through gentle processing. KHS offers you fully developed systems proven in practice many times over that will enable you to work safely and cost-effectively.
Our systems for bottling (ESL) milk, mixed milk, and yogurt beverages in PET bottles are customized to meet your specific needs. KHS offers you modern high performance and cost-efficient systems that optimally cover all phases of the production process. Be it stretch blow molding or filling, labeling, packing, and palletizing up to and including inspection, you will receive first-class components from one source.


With our systems for filling nutritional products, you can rely on optimum aseptic conditions and components that process products with care coupled with maximum product safety. Regardless if you would like to fill your products in HDPE, PET, PE, or PP bottles - KHS offers convincing systems tailored to meet your specific requirements.
Whether stretch blow molding or beverage-sterile filling, up to and including labeling, packing, and palletizing, you will receive innovative single machines that are characterized by reliability and long machine life. All components are available with various capacity levels so that they can be optimally adjusted to meet your production process requirements.
Place your trust in systems from KHS for filling nutritional products and lay the foundation for long-term success in the market.


Optimum hygienic conditions for filling combined with modern and reliable equipment enabling you to work flexibly are indispensable. You can thus rely fully on KHS. With our systems for bottling spirits, we offer you decisive benefits you can exploit for a convincing appearance in the market.
Hygienic design criteria, optimum interior sanitizing, and low-drip filling are just a few of the advantages these filling systems offer you. You will be delighted with the reliability and long machine life of our patented Innofill filling systems: machines that have been in operation for 30 years and longer are not uncommon. These filling systems for spirits can be expanded and changed over with ease. Maximum quality demands and economical operation are not contradictive at KHS.


Especially when filling food products such as edible oil it is a matter of meeting extremely high standards of hygiene, flexibility, and (cost) efficiency. With our systems for filling edible oil in PET bottles, KHS offers you optimum prerequisites for your success in the market.
Profit from our state-of-the-art, efficient filling systems and save energy and money. With our Series IV InnoPET Blomax stretch blow molder you will not only work very exactly but with a very high level of energy efficiency as well. Our Bottles & Shapes program will show you the additional options available for designing and producing optimum PET bottles. This program enables you to produce highly stable ultra-lightweight bottles - on request, even with several closure types.
Place your trust fully in the successful filling systems and expertise of KHS to bottle your edible oil.


Whether motor oil, liquid detergents, fabric softeners, or similar products - flexible systems mean flexible bottle shapes and designs in the nonfood sector. Our lines for filling nonfood products in PET bottles offer you cutting edge technology, maximum efficiency, and long machine life.
From stretch blow molding through filling, labeling, packaging, and palletizing up to and including the necessary inspection equipment, we offer you innovative and reliable single machines with an extremely long machine life and high compatibility that are compelling. All relevant components can be changed and expanded easily for fast product changeover.
A special feature of the PET system solution is the patented stretch blow molding process that is characterized by high precision combined with extremely low energy consumption.
Place your trust in the expertise from KHS for filling nonfood products and rely on high-performance and energy-efficient KHS filling systems with a future.